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Not being very fluent in “normal” life I wanted to stay hidden and to savor what felt like the last of my hibernation… Continue reading

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The little Soul that could

  Location: God’s living room in Heaven Actors: A Soul and God Act: 9 Scene: 1 – God (G) and the little Soul (LS) have been talking about the Soul’s future assignment on earth.  We come in mid scene.   … Continue reading

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As an Empath, someone who feels acutely the energies of others, it used to be difficult for me to disengage or untangle.  I am still learning how to prevent myself from being swallowed up by other’s feelings and also learning … Continue reading

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I don’t remember the first time my daddy hit me.  In fact, I don’t remember much of my life before age 6 and some of the events between 6 and 10 are a bit spotty memory wise. I remember falling … Continue reading

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The Onion

I’m trying to decide between watching “Finding Dory” or “The Free State of Jones” or reading the latest Michael Connelly book “The Wrong Side of Goodbye”. Distractions. I know. I know. Zoning out seems more preferable to writing this but … Continue reading

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A charm

I thought it interesting that the first report of abnormal cells came at the time I got a checkup in preparation for sleeping with the most interesting man in the world. I called my OBGYN ex boyfriend with the news … Continue reading

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Prologue: Mirror, Mirror

July 3, 2012: The connection was instant. His energy felt comfortable, familiar, known…like someone I’d been with before, someone I could hang out with for the night, for a lifetime, or for longer… an old memory. I invited him to … Continue reading

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