I write what I feel.

I write what I see.

I write what I hear.

I write of the deeper meaning of things.

Nothing is as it seems.

So, I write.



2 Responses to About

  1. Ron says:

    Somewhere, our souls, have touched before…
    Sometime, some place, some how
    The mystery is buried deep
    still felt, inside, right now
    The beauty of this buried prose
    no prison to our time
    held along with hidden songs
    still sung, still sweet, still rhyme.

    • Courtni says:

      My heart – it does remember you
      However my mind tries
      to bring forth pictures of the time
      we had entwining lives.
      No matter what
      we’re here and now
      while both our Souls remember
      Those mem’ries must suffice somehow
      to fan this glowing ember

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