The little Soul that could


Location: God’s living room in Heaven

Actors: A Soul and God

Act: 9

Scene: 1 – God (G) and the little Soul (LS) have been talking about the Soul’s future assignment on earth.  We come in mid scene.


G: You’ll change the world and bring people together.

LS: Niiiice.  Like Martin Luther King?


Like Gandhi?


Anne Frank?


How about J. K. Rowling?

Not really.  More like “Independence Day”

What is that?

It is a future film franchise about humans all over the world coming together to thwart an alien invasion

Hmmmm…that doesn’t sound glamorous but as long as I bring people together I am okay with that.


G: Your actions and words are going to trigger the rise of the feminine or Goddess energy on earth, and…

LS: The rise of the feminine!  I love women so much! Can’t wait to get to earth (Here the Soul jumps up and down on God’s couch)

Well…ah…you might forget your love of women for a bit

Oh, I’ll never forget.  I will always treat women with respect and honor them as the Goddesses they are.

Okaaaay. Moving on….


LS: So, I guess I will be rich and handsome.

G: Rich.  You definitely will be rich.  A billionaire.

What?  A billionaire!  I’m a billion-aire, I’m a billion-aire! (Here the little Soul does the Dougie dance then stops abruptly).  You ignored the handsome part.  Was that deliberate or short term memory loss?

Well…neither I nor others will go as far as to call you handsome.

Hair.  Then I must have beautiful hair.  People forgive your face if you have great hair

Well…  About the hair…

God, don’t tell me I will be bald!

No, definitely not bald.

(Soft music and a short silence while the little  Soul ponders hair choices)


G: With all this, have you thought of what you want your name to be?

LS: Well, I feel like I will be a gift from You to the earth so what about “John”?

I see you more of a world ruler, so something along those lines.  John can be your middle name.

Oh my You!  World ruler like a king or emperor?   That will rock!

More like a president.

GTFO God…A president?

Yes, it is possible.


Cue soft music as God and the little Soul sit in companionable silence.


And so it began.


Courtni ~ Soul Muse


About Courtni

Nurse, healer, artist and deep thinker ...
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