That was easy!

The piece of paper was waiting for me.  I know that now.  Hidden in a book, it waited for the right time.  I don’t remember why I picked up the book – or rather why I picked that particular book.  It was the paper – it bided it’s time.  Not the paper really, but what was written on it.

Years ago I had created a conflict resolution clearing based on an example shared with me by a workshop teacher. I tried it on myself and others but it never seemed to work.  The only copy I had was printed on a ½ sheet of paper used as a bookmark in a book that called to me.

Something has changed for me recently.  Not really sure what.  I feel ….different. The world feels different. Looking at what was written on the paper I had a knowing that this time it would work. 

I was in conflict with a workmate.  As much as I tried I did not like her.  I had no logical reason not to like her.  She was kind and nice but gaaaaa….got on my last nerve.  I felt like crap when I treated her like crap or thought crappy of her but it was like I could not help it. 

Conflict?  You bet! 

What I love about the conflict clearing exercise is that I did not have to do anything to or for her.  I was the one with the conflict and crappy feelings.  It was my problem.  I also loved that I did not have to dig to find the source of the conflict.  Didn’t need to know if it was karma or past/parallel life or if she killed me in one life or stole my husband/wife.  I did not need to know any of that.  I just knew I had conflict and was ready to resolve it.

So I got to work.  Not work really – it was play.  I love doing my “play” before bedtime so that the energies can settle in while I sleep.  I played, I felt a subtle shift, then I went to sleep.  End of story.

The next morning I awoke as usual but I had an urge to text my workmate – at 0700.  I knew she was up as she is typically at work at that time.  No big deal there – except I NEVER text her from home unless I am calling off work.  NEVER!  But the feeling/desire to text her was very, very strong.  I walked towards my phone a couple times, walked away shaking my head thinking “WTF? Why is this so important to do?” Then finally:

0709: “Don’t know how u do it woman.  I’m barely out of bed :). C U later 4 meeting.”

0712: “Good morning Courtni.  LOL. Ok sounds good.”

Simple exchange right?  No big deal.

In the shower it hit me that my bizarre need/desire/yearning to text her came from the conflict clearing I had done the night before. I needed to see, in the most unusual way, that what I had done worked.  I had NO MORE CONFLICT with her.  None. Zilch. Nada.  Something shifted within 9 hours – 8 of which I had been asleep!

The next day at the meeting (remote teleconference) we spent some time chatting.  The icky energy I had felt for a year was gone.  Woo Hoo!

With that success under my belt I got home and made a list of any conflict I could possibly have with anyone, anything, and any concept and used the conflict resolution clearing exercise on all of them.   I had tears, goose bumps, warmth, and felt profound peace after some of the clearings but I haven’t yet noticed anything externally as clear as the shift with my workmate. 

I know it worked as I have awesome proof in a great relationship with my workmate – a relationship that was a struggle for a year but which was changed overnight. 

I am keeping my eyes, heart, and arms open.



About Courtni

Nurse, healer, artist and deep thinker ...
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3 Responses to That was easy!

  1. T says:

    teach me Sensei. call or text me, I miss you! ❤

  2. Isara says:

    Would you/could you share the conflict resolution technique/process?

    Love, Cuz

  3. Courtni says:

    Thanks for the feedback! I am planning on teaching groups this process in the future. Also working on a way to offer processes through WordPress and connect to PayPal.
    Alternately I will have a website where I will offer this and other processes.

    So much to do…..

    T – seems our phones are the same…can’t call out, just receive texts or calls. Weird huh 🙂

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