Got Questions?

A couple of weekends ago I began re-listening to a recording of “Ask and it is Given.”  I owned the CDs for years and, to tell the truth, I don’t think I had ever listened to it.  I did glance through the book. 

While listening to the intro on the way to work I experienced a strong feeling of anticipation.  I felt something coming together.  Not coming from outside of me but a gelling of sorts – a deep understanding.  The feeling was so strong that after work I caught myself smiling as I hurried to my truck in anticipation of listening to more of the recording. 

Sure I know all the principles of the law of attraction and deliberately creating my reality, and have known this for years, but something was up. I could feel it.

Over the days of listening to the recording my feeling of anticipation faded and in its place was a clear understanding of how my life is the way it is.  Something that I’ve believed in my head finally clicked!  I used to attribute manifestations to loving external forces but now I know that things come into my life as a result of how I am flowing and allowing that flow back to me.  Simple, yet profound and a bit scary.  No benevolent being looking out for me (yet it all is benevolent) – just energetic responses to my beliefs and feelings that show up as people, things, and situations in my life.  I began deliberately playing with good thoughts/bad thoughts and feeling the difference in my gut.  When I thought about something that didn’t feel good I immediately went to a favorite thought (shopping on The Plaza in Santa Fe) and I would feel my entire being light up.  A smile, a sigh…I was back on track.  It was wild! 

Then 3 more things happened: A friend sent me a newsletter where he mentioned “Ask and it is Given,” a friend posted on Facebook page about Anita Moorjani – a woman who had a near death experience in 2006, and I met the author Howard Falco – the writer of “I AM.”

Anita’s journey from end-stage Hodgkin’s Lymphoma to full health is beyond fascinating.  I have read of other NDEs before, even meeting Danion Brinkley of “Saved by the Light,” but Anita’s story triggered a deeper awareness and understanding in me of how our beliefs, feelings, choices affect our lives and overall health.  Writing that seems so trite, so surface, but words cannot adequately explain what I awoke to while reading her story.  There is a deep knowing that learning about Anita is somehow intertwined with the recordings I was listening to, and with this stage of my life.

Howard Falco has his own fascinating journey.  For me the highlight of meeting him last Wednesday and hearing his talk was learning how to listen after asking.  It hit me just this morning that I have been asking but have not been open to receiving answers.  Had I secretly been expecting the answers to come in dramatic divine ways like a voice out of heaven or a burning bush that would totally freak me out and cause me to question my sanity?  Well, not really…I did expect a trio of small blue men to show up at the foot of my bed one night and give me all the answers to my questions.  All my friends get blue men.  Me?  I get zilch. 

I have always seen the asking as spoken of by Abraham as asking for material things, jobs, men…er…relationships, but this morning I knew that it also was about asking questions and getting answers.  Doh.  That I chose those recordings to listen to, discovered Anita’s story, and met Howard, in less than a week and a half is no coincidence.  I have asked and the answers are coming.  

Howard mentioned on Wednesday that answers are everywhere: billboards, license plates, something a friend says, a song on the radio, a thought that pops up…

So last night I asked a couple of questions, just 2.  My eyes, ears, and heart were open to answers from anywhere. 

Today a friend called me out of the blue and asked me if I could help with her yard sale.  She also offered space in her sale for anything I wanted to get rid of.  Just yesterday I had looked at a couple of chairs and thought about selling them.  I could call this a coincidence but I’d rather call it an answer to one of the questions I posed last night.  That was quick. 

If I keep following this thread where will it lead?  What if I truly trust that I am always given (answers) when I ask?  What then?  If I expect and allow answers then it will become so much easier to expect and allow the other things I am asking for.  I love this game!

My daily exercise:

  • Writing down at least one question that I ask aloud. 
  • Listening for and anticipating the answers. 
  • Writing down the answers.
  • Feeling the truth of the answers in my gut. 
  • Acting on the guidance that the answers offer. 

Stay tuned…

Courtni ~ The Soul Muse


About Courtni

Nurse, healer, artist and deep thinker ...
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