Intuitive Nursing

I took a walk this morning.  It kicked my ass.  I was huffing and puffing up the hill like an asthmatic 80 year old or an asthmatic at any age.  The incident from last week really took a toll on my energy.  So as I huffed and puffed I thought about said incident and how I overrode my intuition with logic and fear.  No matter that…I learned a lot. 

My musings took me to a time I worked at a short stay unit of a local hospital.  We had a patient there who stayed more than three days.  In fact he stayed over a month.  I had the privilege of taking care of him more than once and got to meet and know his family.  One day after a long weekend off I was assigned to him again.  I walked into his room that morning for the typical exam and looked into his eyes.  Alarm bells went off in my head and my gut clenched.  Something was wrong.  His eyes, usually bright and merry, seemed dull, dead.  He was also breathing through pursed lips.  He said he was feeling fine. 

I finished my examination and immediately called his attending physician.  I described what I saw and what I felt.  He ordered a spiral CT.  The result: the patient had a pulmonary embolus – a blood clot in his lungs. I get goose bumps whenever I think of this.  Had I not been his nurse that day would he have died?   We were so used to him.  Would any one else have noticed the change in him? 

I am forever grateful for my intuition and for that doctor who believed in me.   

I noticed recently that I can see the change in a patient from one day to the next and from one moment to the next.  I can’t see ‘auras’ or lights around people.  I just look at their face and see.  It is physical sight but also something else – a knowing perhaps. 

Recently I had a situation where a patient complained of chest pain.  An EKG showed sinus rhythm but she continued having chest pain and stated that it was getting worse.  Both my intuition and logic came together to suggest a GI cocktail to her doctor.  He agreed and ordered the medicine.  I called the pharmacist for a stat order, walked down and got the medication, then took it to the patient’s room.

To the patient I explained what the medication was, what it did, and why I was giving it to her.  “You might want to hold your breath,” I said.  “I hear it tastes nasty.”

She didn’t hold her breath. 

“This shit is disgusting…bleah!”  She drank it all. 

I promised to check with her in about 10 minutes. 

When I went back to ask how she was feeling she was animatedly chatting with her husband.  A puzzled look crossed her face briefly…then remembering. 

“Oh…That pain went like that!”  She snapped her fingers. 

Ah….a successful day in the neighborhood.  Intuitive Nurse strikes again!

Then why didn’t I listen to my own inner voice before going to the emergency room last week?  I have no idea.  Maybe I needed to look at life from both sides in order for me to feel compassion towards those patients I think are “drug seeking frequent-flyers.”

Today while I walked I also thought about my eating habits.  I don’t eat much but at work the weekend before last I existed on donuts and coffee 2 days in a row.   I had 3 or more donuts each day.   I truly want to eat better.  Last year I went RAW for an entire month but didn’t really love it.   

Upon discharge from the ER I was given written information on what foods to avoid or cut down on to decrease acidity in my body.  I was not told what to increase or add to my diet to combat acid.  The prescribed Prilosec would take care of that.

After my walk I logged into Facebook and there at the top of my news feed Dr. Mark Hyman posted a link to a book on Amazon.  The book – The Inside Tract: Your Good Gut Guide to Great Digestive Health – seems just what the doctor ordered.  How perfect was that!  It is like the Universe had conspired to shower me with clear answers.  I had no intention of taking Prilosec for the rest of my life or at all.  I don’t do unnecessary drugs.  There, in plain black and white, was a book with answers.  If diet and lifestyle changes can do the trick why not go that route? 

I just placed a copy of the book on hold at the library.  I will be reading it this week.

Diet changes are in place.  Lifestyle to follow…

Life is good.

Courtni ~ The Soul Muse


About Courtni

Nurse, healer, artist and deep thinker ...
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