A Guided Life

Years ago my ex-husband and I built a new home.  Our yard needed a block wall.  Our neighbor was putting up a block wall and my ex thought it would be great to have the same guy build our wall.  I met the guy and immediately had reservations.  I told my ex not to use him.  I had no logical reason but my gut would tighten in his presence and I did not trust him.  My ex is a logical man – Military Intelligence – so intelligence won out over intuition costing us a couple thousand when the man used the money to buy blocks to finish our neighbor’s wall then disappeared.  

You know that feeling you get when you know something is off but you can’t put a finger on it?  Yeah…that feeling.  To others things might look perfect on the outside but you just know….it’s.  just. not. right.

Last week I had such a feeling.  I was outside pruning the Bougainvillea from the harsh effects of Phoenix’s last freeze (yes, way overdue) when a truck pulled up.  The driver stuck his head out of the vehicle and offered to trim the bushes and trees in my front yard for $40.  I walked over to the truck and he then repeated his offer but stated $50.

“You said $40,” I smiled.

He laughed self-consciously and said “Yeah, $40.”

The back yard was in need of  major work so I led him and his buddy back there and requested a quote.  They deliberated for few minutes in a foreign language then he (the driver) described in detail the hard work he would have to do so he quoted me a price of $200 total.  BUT if I acted NOW he would do it for $150! Operators were standing by!

Since I was not the one who was paying I didn’t mind the price but something did not feel right.  So I dismissed them with the promise “I’ll call you.”   I never did.  I called another company for a quote and a very professional sounding guy showed up, looked around, and took  photos of the yard but never sent me the email quote he promised. 

Today I got called off from work which was a total blessing as I was able to sleep in for a couple extra hours.  The next door neighbor’s little girl graduated high school and she had a party last night complete with a DJ and people yakking it up until the wee hours of the morning.  It sounded like she invited her entire school AND instructed the DJ to place his speakers directly under my window.  If I had not planned on going to work I would have been over here rocking to the window-shaking beats!  But I digress…With the party going on I didn’t sleep well.  While drinking coffee this morning I surveyed the wilderness of my back yard and, after sighing at the impossibility of it all, began pulling weeds around the flagstone courtyard. 

A high buzzing noise got my attention and annoyed the crap out of me.  The house shaking last night apparently was not enough noise for the neighborhood.  Another neighbor was at it early in the frikken morning.  (Note to self: get some ear plugs!) Out of curiosity I peeked over the wall.  My neighbor’s back yard looked nothing like mine.  2 guys were just finishing up cleaning his yard – the noise I heard was a blower.  The yard looked so good I jumped in my truck, drove down the street, met the landscapers, and invited them up for a quote. 

Juan gave me a quote within seconds.  A shrewd business man, he stated “$100 for first time then $60 when we come back 4-6 weeks.”

He felt soft and kind –  so different from the first guy who quoted me twice as much.   I thought he and his partner would return to do the job in “la mañana” as it was getting quite warm but they got down to business then and there.  Damn!  Within a few hours I no longer lived in a jungle. 

I paid Juan a hefty 25% tip because he did such an awesome job and because I was so happy that I listened to my guidance and did not use Senor “Act now!”    I have a feeling that Senor “Act now!” would not have done a great job.  I have absolutely no way to prove that but he just felt smarmy. At this stage of my life I no longer have any desire to make mistakes in order to learn from them and NOT listening to guidance is a huge mistake.

In gratitude for guidance showing up in the little things…

Courtni ~ The Soul Muse


About Courtni

Nurse, healer, artist and deep thinker ...
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6 Responses to A Guided Life

  1. Rick says:

    I believe it was actually two houses we built…..

    You were right, trust the gut feeling is always a good rule…..

    I hope you are well….
    the ex…..

  2. e says:

    I found this site by accident. I agree you should trust your gut feeling but there’s mystical about it…. The one time I did not trust that ‘feeling’ I got, I wished I had. However, that feeling was truly a mother’s intuition – a feeling so strong it is hard to describe and it’s one most others cannot comprehend. Over the years I have listened to that feeling and it has never failed me. Logic like everything else has its place but where your family and children are concerned, it is that feeling you must trust over logic.

    • Courtni says:

      Thanks for commenting. I love what you said: “Logic like everything else has its place…” and I think combining logic with intuition is a very powerful mix whether dealing with family or not.
      Yes, most others cannot comprehend the strong, illogical, gut feelings and knowings.
      I look at those feelings now as a message from a part of me that knows more clearly than I and, like you, I trust it over logic.

      Keep trusting.

  3. Great insight Soul Muse. I’ve found that the “Act Nows” in this world do so in an attempt to hide something else. It just doesn’t feel right, ever. Looking forward to more post.

    • Courtni says:

      Thanks Devin!
      If it doesn’t feel right, I walk away.
      The only time I get into trouble is when I ignore the first feeling.
      Still learning.


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